Monday, August 24, 2020

Jesus: Name Above All Names

God elevated him [Jesus] to the place of highest honor and gave him the name above all other names. Philippians 2:9 NLT

There is no one like Jesus! His name is above all names. On His throne He reigns over all creation—His kingdom above all kingdoms. There is no other light we can look upon that will outshine His glory.

In Jesus Christ we hear all that God has to say to us. What God has planned for us and desires to give to us is found in Christ alone. All our hearts have ever needed or desired, the truth that we seek and the blessing we long for, is found in Him. There is no other person, no other source that God will use to meet our deepest needs.

Jesus is the Fountain that will quench our thirst, the Bread that nourishes our souls. As the Physician, He will heal our wounds, and as our Shepherd He guides our steps. Jesus is the Faithful One who can give our troubled hearts true security. As our Vine, He brings nourishment to our spirits; as our Door, He gives us access to the Father.

What love we have in Jesus! What a Savior for our souls, what a Gift to our hearts!

May our hearts be open to receive Him, may our faith be ready to trust Him, and may our wills be surrendered to obey Him. As we commit our feet to follow Him, our hands to serve Him, and our actions and attitudes to honor Him, our lives become a reflection of His. May our voices magnify Him, both now and forever.
Jesus: Name Above All Names, is no longer available in print. 
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