Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Jesus: Heir of All Things

Jesus: Heir of All Things
-Roy Lessin, Jesus Name Above All Names

In the last of these days He has spoken to us in [the person of a] Son, Whom He appointed Heir and lawful Owner of all things, also by and through Whom He created the worlds and the reaches of space and the ages of time [He made, produced, built, operated, and arranged them in order]. -Hebrews 1:2 AMP

When my dad was alive, for many years he would often start a letter to me with the following greeting: "To Roy, heir of the Lessin millions." It always made me smile when I read it, not because I would be rich one day, but because I knew my dad didn't have any money. It is one thing to be called an heir; it is quite another thing to actually be the heir of something of great value.

God the Father has declared His Son to be the appointed heir, and that is no small thing. The inheritance is so great that instead of listing it item by item, the Bible simply sums it up by calling Jesus "The Heir of All Things."

It is even more amazing to realize that you, as God's child, are a joint-heir with Christ. That means that you share directly in the inheritance that is His. If God were to write you a personal letter today, it wouldn't surprise me if it began by saying, "To_______________, joint-heir of My Son's millions."

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Monday, January 18, 2021

Jesus: Head of the Church

Jesus: Head of the Church
-Roy Lessin, Jesus Name Above All Names

Christ is the Head of the church, Himself the Savior of [His] body. -Ephesians 5:23 AMP

We were made not for a life of independent living but to be under the loving leadership of the One who made us. Isaiah reminds us that we have all gone astray and that each one of us has turned to his own way. Our own way always takes us in the wrong direction. We are sheep in need of a shepherd, we are ships in need of a captain, we are pilgrims in need of a guide. We cannot make it on our own. The good news is, God never intended us to. 

When the Bible tells us that Jesus is the Head of the Church, it means that He is the head over a body of believers, not a church building. We are "living stones" that He fits together for His purposes. Individually and collectively, it is good for us to know Jesus is in charge—He has the right plan and is making the calls. He is taking the responsibility, for He is the most qualified. He makes the rules, and He has the power to carry things out.

Jesus, the Head of the Church, is the one who is in complete charge. We can be totally dependent upon Him.

©2011, 2021 Roy Lessin, Meeting in the Meadow. Photo by Marina Bromley. All rights reserved.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Fret-Free Friday: Even Though

Even Though
-Roy Lessin, Fret Busters, God's Peace for Your Problems Today

Take His hand, even though it means letting go of what you're holding on to.
Please His heart, even though it may not please others.
Wait for His time, even though your desire is to get it done now.
Obey His Word, even though you hear something different that is popular.
Follow His path, even though you see a valley ahead.
Trust His wisdom, even though you want to do it differently.
Give Him praise, even though you're going through something unpleasant.
Be at rest, even though you have every human reason to worry or fear.

Uphold me according to Your word, that I may live; and do not let me be ashamed of my hope. Hold me up, and I shall be safe, and I shall observe Your statutes continually.
Psalm 119:116-117

Throughout the Scriptures God proclaims and demonstrates who He is and what He can do. God is all in all! He has no lack, no faults, no weaknesses, no limitations, and no failures. The plan of our salvation is His plan. The work of our salvation is His work. The gift of our salvation is His gift. Every grace comes from Him. All that we have we have freely received from His generous hand.

How should we respond to His greatness and abounding generosity? Our responses are to be with Him, learn about Him, love Him, and trust Him with all our hearts.

If we obey God without fully trusting Him and knowing His heart, we will struggle in our obedience. A nineteenth-century writer got it right when she wrote, "Perfect obedience would be perfect happiness, if only we had full confidence in the authority we were obeying." We can fully put our trust in what God has said and promised, who He is, what He has done, what He is doing, and what He will do. He will not fail us because there is no failure in Him.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Jesus: Priest

-Roy Lessin, Jesus Name Above All Names

You are a priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek. -Hebrews 7:17 NIV

Jesus' priesthood was of a different order and brought about different results than the priesthood of Aaron. The Levitical priests died and needed to be replaced; Jesus, our Priest, lives forever. The Levitical priests offered the blood of animals as an atonement for sin over and over again; Jesus, our Priest, offered His own blood as an atonement for our sin once and for all. The Levitical priests had to make an offering for their own sins; Jesus, our Priest, was without sin. The Levitical priests offered blood upon an earthly altar; Jesus, our Priest, offered His blood upon a heavenly altar. The Levitical priesthood was identified with the old covenant; Jesus, our Priest, is identified with the new covenant. The Levitical priesthood was imperfect; Jesus' priesthood was perfect.

You can be absolutely assured today that because Jesus is your Priest, He is able to save you. And He is, at this very moment, praying for you. 

"Therefore he is able, once and forever, to save those who come to God through him. He lives forever to interceded with God through him. He lives forever to intercede with God on their behalf. He is the kind of high priest we need because he is holy and blameless, unstained by sin. He has been set apart from sinners and has been given the highest place of honor in heaven" (Hebrews 7:25-26 NLT).

©2011, 2021 Roy Lessin, Meeting in the Meadow. Photo by Marina Bromley. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

Monday, January 11, 2021

Jesus: Our Rest

-Roy Lessin, Jesus Name Above All Names

But the Levitical priests...shall have linen turbans on their heads and linen breeches upon their loins; they shall not gird themselves with anything that causes (them to) sweat. -Ezekiel 44:15-18 AMP

In the Bible, a single word can be like a powerful spotlight that reveals to our spiritual eyes a truth of gigantic proportions. The word sweat in this passage is one of those words.

Sweat represents the work, the labor, and the natural efforts of our flesh. It was not the manner in which the priests of the Lord were to minister to Him in the inner court. The inner court was the place of God's presence, where the glory of the Lord rested upon the mercy seat. 

Through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, the way into the presence of the Lord has now been opened to us. The work of redemption is Jesus' work alone. Our own efforts (sweat) can add nothing to His finished work. What is true of our redemption is also true of our ministry. Both begin at a place of rest.

The apostle Paul tells us, "I labored more abundantly than they all, yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me" (1 Corinthians 15:10 NKJV). Spiritual rest does not mean spiritual passivity. It is rest in action and not rest from action. God does not want us to serve Him out of the efforts of our flesh but in the power and strength of the Holy Spirit.

©2011, 2021 Roy Lessin, Meeting in the Meadow. Photo by Marina Bromley, used with permission. All rights reserved.