Monday, November 9, 2020

Jesus: Amen (and the guidelines for a writing opportunity!)

-Roy Lessin, Jesus Name Above All Names

These are the words of the Amen. -Revelation 3:14 NIV

When we hear the word "amen,"  we often think of it as the end to a prayer. We wait to hear it as a clue that the person who is praying has finished. When Jesus says He is the Amen it means something far greater. It means that we can be certain about everything He is and everything He has to say. Think of it as God saying, "My Son has My final approval over everything He has said and over everything He has done."

When Jesus says amen to His Father's words, He is saying that He is the fulfillment of everything God has said. In modern language, saying "you can count on it" is a way of convincing someone that what we have said is reliable, dependable, and trustworthy. Amen is that and more. Amen is the vow, the guarantee, and the oath of God stating that everything He has said has been sealed with a binding promise.

Amen can also mean "verily."  When Jesus used it at the beginning of a sentence he was saying to those around Him, "Listen, what you are about to hear is absolutely true and accurate. Everything I have to say is exactly what you need to hear." Have you read something today in Scripture where Jesus has said to you, "You can count on it"? That is an Amen! 

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Guidelines For a Writing Opportunity

A Writing Opportunity!
As we turn the corner to Thanksgiving, we wanted to open up an opportunity to have you, our readers, share your thoughts on "Thankful and Grateful".
Please read the guidelines carefully!
1. This is open to all of Roy's followers here at Meeting in the Meadow on Facebook, and our blog at Each author may only submit one selection.
2. Submissions must be on the topic of "Thankful and Grateful" and must be within 100-200 words and E-mailed with the subject heading "Thankful and Grateful" to meetinginthemeadow(at)gmail(dot)com (replace words in parenthesis with proper symbols).
3. A minimum of 3 submissions will be chosen to share here on Meeting in the Meadow. Each submission chosen to share will receive a copy of Roy's new release, "Psalm 23: Verse by Verse and Thought by Thought" by Roy Lessin, in either e-book or print. Writers selected from within the U.S. will be given a choice of e-book or print. Writers selected outside of the U.S. may only receive an e-book copy, and it must be emailed to an active Kindle account. No exceptions. If prize transfer can not be achieved, it will be forfeited.
4. Submissions must be original to the author and will be checked for plagiarism. Submissions must be received by November 16th, 2020. Selected Authors will be contacted with a request for permission to edit and share, and we must receive their permission prior to sharing the week of November 23rd-27th, 2020.
5. All selections are final. This event has no connection to Google Blogger, or Facebook, and is meant in goodwill to inspire and encourage thankfulness and gratefulness.

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