Monday, November 23, 2020

Guest Post, Grateful and Thankful: Miriam Jacob

This week we will be featuring the essays on Grateful and Thankful, as submitted by our readers. 

Thank you to all who submitted an essay! The featured writers are receiving a copy of Roy's re-released book, Psalm 23, Verse by Verse and Thought by Thought. You can find it here in ebook (the print version will be available in the next week or so). Be sure to follow Roy Lessin's Amazon Author Page to find out more about future releases!

Happy Thanksgiving!
-Marina for Roy and Meeting in the Meadow


Grateful and Thankful
-Miriam Jacob

Lord Jesus, thank You for making us rich in Your love. 
Thank You for all good gifts from You, the Giver of Life.
Our hearts overflow with thanksgiving, gratitude to God.
We thank You for Your goodness, Your boundless love.
Your love for us makes us want to give You our very best.
Your great love inspires us to surrender our hearts to You.
Lord, we are thankful and grateful to You for loving us.
Thank You for adorning us with Your glorious beauty,
for seeing us through the mirror of Your divine love.
Thank You for giving us the priceless gift of Yourself.
You give Yourself to us in love, and we are thankful.
Your sweet love is our most precious treasure, 
the most valuable gift we can ever get in life.
Our hearts are aglow with love for You.
Your love surpasses all.
We give You our hearts.
We love You, Lord.
We are thankful,
We are grateful.
You can read more of Miriam Jacob's writing on her website here. She can be reached through her Facebook page

©2020 Miriam Jacobs, used with permission, all rights reserved.

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