Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Guest Post, Grateful and Thankful: Megan Lackner

Today we are continuing with our Guest Posts on Grateful and Thankful. Thank you to everyone who submitted an essay to be considered! May your heart be encouraged by today's words.

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Happy Thanksgiving,
-Marina, for Roy and the Meeting in the Meadow Family


Grateful and Thankful
-Megan Lackner

I think we can all agree that 2020 has not been a great year. So many cancelled plans, so much loss and pain. When it comes to a year like 2020, what should our response be?

Are we supposed to be grateful when all around us we only see hard things? The answer is yes. It comes down to our perspective. We can choose to see all we’ve lost, or we can choose to see all the moments we gained.

Families have had time to be together, people checked in on one another. Would any of this have happened were it not for COVID?  We can be grateful during these times. Yes, there have been terrible losses and a lot of pain this year, but there has also been this amazing focus on what really matters, on realizing that this life is not permanent.

To be truly grateful is to shift our perspective from our situation to our God. Nothing in life is guaranteed, this year has certainly proved it. I think that is the blessing from this year, the learning to be present and soak up all that you have right now, because you may not have it forever.

©2020 Megan Lackner, used with permission, all rights reserved. 

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