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The Holy Spirit Book: Author Reflections

The Holy Spirit Book: Author Reflections
-Roy Lessin, Meeting in the Meadow

In the final chapter of the book, Roy shares with readers some personal moments from his own life that tell how, as a lifelong student of the school of the Holy Spirit, he began to hear His voice and learn His ways. The following is a condensed excerpt from a personal story he calls, “The River.”

After co-founding DaySpring Cards and writing greeting cards for sixteen years, I came to a place where I felt I had nothing left to give. Darkness and despair settled over me. Eventually I stepped out of the creative division of DaySpring and seriously considered leaving the company.

It was in that dark time that the Holy Spirit brought a new light of hope to my heart. He strengthened my faith and began to rebuild my courage to move on. I was asked to write a premium devotional book. For years I had desired to write a devotional book for DaySpring, but the greeting card demands never allowed me to do it. God was truly granting me a desire of my heart.

During the time I wrote my first devotional, God was resurrecting something creatively within me that I knew had died. He opened up my understanding to something that changed my entire outlook on the creative process. What God showed me was a beautiful, clear, wide, flowing river. The headwaters of the river began at the heart of God. The river was His Holy Spirit. “This is My creative river.” He said. “It is an eternal river, for everything about Me is eternal. I am the Creator and My creativity is eternal.”

My heart immediately responded to what God was showing me. That day, by faith, I stepped into God’s creative river.

When I stepped in, there were new things I discovered. One was that the river immediately touched me. It washed, cleansed, refreshed and renewed me.

The second thing I discovered was the vastness of the river. There was plenty of room for me to move about, and there was also an abundance of water for others. There was enough creative room for all who would come.

A third thing I discovered was that the things God was sending downstream to touch my life were not meant for me alone. Each thing was meant to move downstream to touch the lives of others.

A final thing I discovered was that there was no striving in the river, only a flow. I didn’t have to try and make things happen. The flow was God’s, not mine.

I knew that He alone was the source of all I did. This realization freed me from pressure, stress, and burnout. My experience in God’s river moved me to a new level of creativity, joy, and rest in the work that God had given me to do.

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