Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Reflections From The Heart Of God, Part 1

Reflections From The Heart Of God, Part 1
-Roy Lessin, Meeting in the Meadow

On Wednesdays we will feature devotional thoughts and scripture from Roy Lessin's DayBrightener, Reflections From The Heart Of God. We pray that they do encourage you in your faith and draw you closer to the Heart of God.

God’s hand is extended to you—
not to push you away, but to draw you close;
not to keep you at a distance, but to hold you near to His heart.

Show me your strong love in wonderful ways,
O Savior of all those seeking your help… (Psalm 17:7 TLB).

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©2023 Roy Lessin, Meeting in the Meadow. ©2005, DaySpring. Photo by Marina Bromley. Used with permission, all rights reserved.

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