Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Hospitality, Part 7

Hospitality, Part 7
Char Lessin, Meeting in the Meadow


I may be willing to pack my bags and go around the world to minister, but am I as willing to fetch my husband a cup of tea?

Sometimes it’s yes and sometimes it’s no.

I remember those times when the plea for Sunday School teachers would come and feeling guilty in not responding, yet knowing that the Lord had others for that and to be at rest where He had me. A need does not mean my calling—my calling is in His voice to me!

His peace and His approval are my greatest rewards in each day.

What is more pleasing to the Lord: your burnt offerings and sacrifices or your obedience to his voice? (1 Samuel 15:22 NLT).


Char Lessin was raised on a Minnesota farm and grew to love the Lord at a young age. She and Roy met while they attended Bethany Fellowship in Bloomington, MN and early in their marriage they served together as missionaries in Mexico and Puerto Rico. She continues to serve the Lord through their home in NW Arkansas, ministering to the people that the Lord brings to her.

©2023 Roy and Char Lessin, Meeting in the Meadow. Photos by Grace Nast, Marina Bromley, used with permission. All rights reserved.

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