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Hospitality, Part 4

Hospitality, Part 4
-Char Lessin, Meeting in the Meadow


I desired to do more hospitality in our home but I held back as I was embarrassed with our drapes. They were clean, but had water stains. Our carpet was an outdated ugly green, our dishes were old and handed down from others and did not match in color or design. One day as I sat at our kitchen table thinking about these things the Lord took me back to a meal served to us when we were first married…


The most unforgettable meal I have been served was in a poor village in Mexico. We sat on cement blocks for chairs on a dirt floor. We ate off of chipped dishes. The hostess made us rice, beans and eggs on tortillas in a pan set on an open fire in a hole in the kitchen wall, her stove. There was no furniture to fill the room. The experience of that visit which was so unusual was the peaceful yet powerful presence of the Lord.  The reality of her walk with the Lord radiated on the face of our hostess.  I could have been in a palace with royalty, for the experience lifted me out of the poverty into the richness of His presence. She served us with joy and graciousness like I had rarely seen. Her example taught me that happiness is not in things. The Lord filled her home, and that filled our hearts…

I realized it was not my carpet or my drapes or my dishes that would minister to people, but it would be the presence of the Lord touching hearts, just as I had experienced when sitting on cement blocks in a home of mud bricks, in a poor woman’s home in central Mexico.

Now godliness with contentment is great gain (1 Timothy 6:6 NKJV).


Char Lessin was raised on a Minnesota farm and grew to love the Lord at a young age. She and Roy met while they attended Bethany Fellowship in Bloomington, MN and early in their marriage they served together as missionaries in Mexico and Puerto Rico. She continues to serve the Lord through their home in NW Arkansas, ministering to the people that the Lord brings to her.

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