Friday, December 16, 2022

Like Those Who Dream: Chapter 35, Follow Him

Like Those Who Dream: Chapter 35, Follow Him
-Roy Lessin, Meeting in the Meadow

In March of 2008, after 37 years, I retired from DaySpring. It turned out to be the perfect time to move forward into the new doors that God was opening. One of those doors was to be involved with DaySpring in some new ways…they have included helping to set up and lead a prayer ministry called Gatekeepers, teaching a twelve week course on the company’s core beliefs, and consulting. Book writing also remains an open door.

Each of us has been called by God to follow Him. My brother Don once said, “God has given us the privilege of giving away His love to others.” As God directs your steps may you always remember…

The heart of the Great Shepherd—
It is a heart that leads, instead of a heart that controls;
It is a heart that gives, instead of a heart that takes;
It is a heart that serves, instead of a heart that demands;
It is a heart that restores, instead of a heart that scatters.
It is good heart, a caring heart, a loving heart—
It is the only kind of heart that the sheep will follow.

-Roy Lessin

(This concludes the journey of Roy's memoir, Like Those Who Dream. The book is available through DaySpring and Christian retailers everywhere. Continue to join us on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for inspirational encouragement from Roy Lessin, at Meeting in the Meadow.)

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