Friday, November 27, 2020

Guest Post: Grateful and Thankful: Sarah Kelley

Our last featured essay on "Grateful and Thankful" comes from a long-time friend and reader Sarah Kelley, from West Monroe, LA, where she owns the Blessings Bookstore. Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your encouraging words with us today!

For those who normally tune in to our Facebook LIVE sessions, we will be taking a break from them for a season. We love getting to engage with you online and hope to return sometime in 2021.

Again, thank you to everyone who submitted essays on the topic, and be sure to continue to read Meeting in the Meadow for upcoming news and features.

Grateful and Thankful for you...
Marina, for Roy and the Meeting in the Meadow Family


Grateful and Thankful
-Sarah Kelley

It’s true, somedays we say, “Hallelujah!,“ other days,  “Hallelujah, anyhow!” but for children of God, it always should be “Hallelujah!”  That’s because a grateful heart has made a choice, a determined effort, to praise the Lord in the midst of whatever the day brings.

God’s Word teaches that He loves, and lives in, the praises of His people.  When we choose to live with a grateful heart that will “count our blessings”, the Holy Spirit arises in our hearts.   

His presence is always greater than the any adverse circumstances because that Almighty presence brings with Himself an overwhelming knowledge of God’s unchanging love, His immeasurable peace, and an unspeakable joy beyond understanding, right in the middle of the difficult situations sent by the enemy to steal, kill, or destroy.

The “numbered” blessings far outweigh the troubles because of their eternal value.  When we change our focus from the visible to the invisible, and set our sight and trust  on the unseen, but very much alive and true promises of God, we are choosing a higher path, where spiritual blessings fall like refreshing rain on our parched souls.  So, make the choice of thanks-living and dance with me, in the rain!
©2020 Sarah Kelley, used with permission. All rights reserved.

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