Friday, March 20, 2020

A Special Treat: An Interview With Roy Lessin

Several years ago, back when we did everything through DaySpring, Roy had the opportunity to do a radio interview with Pastor J. Watson on the "Life and the Bible" radio program. It was here that he shared a bit of his testimony, a little about his life, and specifically overcoming obstacles he has faced in life.
Today, we all are facing uncertainties and obstacles. Although the things we face are different for each of us, our God remains the same. We hope that this broadcast will encourage you, inspire you, and give you a dose of hope today.
Please take note, the book they mention "Today is Your Best Day" is now entitled, "Because of Jesus, Today is Your Best Day." It is still available through DaySpring and the link will be at the bottom of this post. The other links on the YouTube page for "Meet Me in the Meadow" no longer work. You can always contact Roy through me (Marina) here on Facebook in a comment or private message.
In the coming weeks we will be sharing some specially featured content from this book, Because of Jesus, Today is Your Best Day, and also from an old favorite, Fret Busters. We pray that these words will encourage you, empower you, inspire you, and equip you to walk with God through the coming season. We are praying for you, our faithful friends and online family.
Without further delay, here is today's special presentation. Click on this link to hear the radio interview:
- Marina, for Roy and Meeting in the Meadow
Today is Your Best Day: Because Christ Is in You
Roy Lessin, Meeting in the Meadow
For it has pleased God to tell his people
that the riches and glory of Christ
are for you Gentiles, too. For this is the secret:
Christ lives in you, and this is your assurance
that you will share in his glory.
Colossians 1:27 nlt

One of the glorious things about the Christian life is that God not only places you in Christ, but Christ also comes to live in you. It is one thing to be standing in a river and enjoy its benefits as it washes and refreshes you; it as another thing to have the river in you as a result of drinking from its waters. When the river is in you, you receive benefits that differ from the benefits you receive when you are standing in the river. The water now becomes a part of your being as it nourishes your body and supplies it with the minerals it needs to survive.
Being in Christ means that you receive the benefits of all that He has done for you through His death, burial, resurrection, and ascension; Christ being in you means that you receive the benefits of His presence, His character, and His nature within you.
• Being in Christ changes your position before God; Christ being in you changes the inward condition of your heart.
• Being in Christ brings you into heavenly realities; Christ being in you brings heavenly realities into your earthly walk.
• Being in Christ opens your eyes to the beauty of God’s love; Christ being in you floods your heart with that same love.
• Being in Christ allows you to see what God wants you to become; Christ being in you means that you can become what God wants you to be.
Christ in you means that He has begun a good work in you, that He will sustain the work He has begun, and that He will complete the work He has begun. Christ in you means that He does the work of conforming you to His image, that He is the Master Craftsman who is shaping your life, and that He is the True Vine who is producing the good fruit of eternal life within you. Christ in you means that His strength is your strength, His peace is your peace, His power is your power, and His victory is your victory.
God is not asking you to act like Jesus today. He is asking you to surrender to Jesus and trust Him completely to be your life today. Letting Jesus be Jesus in you and through you makes this your best day. Trying to act like Jesus will only wear you down and tire you out. Expecting your efforts to be fruitful would be like cutting a branch off an apple tree and expecting it to grow apples.
The reason an apple tree grows apples is because everything in an apple tree is designed for apples—within the sap is the life of every apple.
Think of this one truth as you go through this day: “Everything that is good, wise, loving, righteous, true, wonderful, kind, and caring is in Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ is living His life in me.”
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