Friday, December 6, 2019

Today We Pray...

It's been a while since we have featured a prayer day here at Meeting in the Meadow.
I know that holidays can be wonderful times of celebration, but I also know that for many they are a sad reminder of those we have lost, of things not being the way we think they should be, or we are missing not getting to be near family and friends that are not so far away...just too far to get to.

I'd like for each of us to pray today. Please use discretion in your prayer requests by not naming other people's names. You can use initials, or just say "a friend", etc. as we trust that God knows who your prayer is meant for.

Please indicate you have prayed for another person by placing a "like" or "heart" (or whatever emoji you would like) at the items you have prayed for. It is easy if you will pray for the prayer need listed above yours, but please feel free to pray for as many people as you would like to!

Next week we will begin our Advent Series from Roy, but today, let's pray...

Blessings on your Advent Season,

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