Friday, August 9, 2019

Never Forgotten

"Can a woman forget her nursing child, And not have compassion on the son of her womb? Surely they may forget, Yet I will not forget you. See, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands.” Isaiah 49:15-16 (NKJV)

A Mother has a special way with her nursing child, especially as her love expresses itself in little ways and in tiny details—the whispered words of affection, the gentleness of her embrace, the extra kiss upon her child’s cheek when it’s time for bed. God points us to the heart of a nursing mother to help us understand how deep His love is and how much He delights in caring for us.

Recently, I discovered the tiny details of God’s love and care for me through two different experiences. The first happened one morning as I was driving to DaySpring Publishing for a meeting with a designer who was working on the book cover for my upcoming autobiography. I had several boxes of old photos and product samples in the front seat that needed to be brought to the meeting. I knew I would need help. The thought came to pray. I immediately reasoned it was too small of a matter. The thought returned, “Pray about it.” Hesitantly, I brought the need to God. “Father, I need help to unload when I get to DaySpring.”

As I pulled into the parking lot I found a space near the main building. I looked around but saw no one. I got out and walked to the passenger side of the car to start unloading the boxes. I had no sooner opened the door when an employee appeared and asked if he could help. “Gladly!” I said. Before he could pick up a box another employee appeared offering to help. In one quick trip the job was done.

The other experience happened at home. I had desired a good quality point-and-shoot camera for years. I finally found the ideal camera at a special price online. It arrived a few days later. I was excited to put it to use and start taking pictures of the many flowers, birds, and butterflies that visit our backyard garden. It didn’t take long to capture the beauty of it all. I was anxious to send my small collection of photos to my wife so she could begin posting them. There was only one problem. I discovered I didn’t have the adapter I needed to transfer the photos to her tablet.

It took some time to figure out exactly what I needed. I made a trip to the electronic department of a local store but came up empty. My best option seemed to be online, but that would mean having to wait several more days. When I looked up the adapter I discovered it was pricey. I decided to wait.

That evening, while in bed, I gave the matter to the Lord. When I got up the next morning a thought came to mind about an adapter I had purchased several years earlier. I couldn’t remember what the adapter was for, but I was reminded where I had put it. I went to my office and walked over to a bin in the corner of the room. Inside the bin was a small wooden box. When I opened the box I saw the adapter. To my amazement, it was the exact one I needed to transfer my photos.

Does God really care about the little things in our lives? Is He that observant? Is He that available? Is He that resourceful? Consider the care of a nursing mother for her child. To her, everything that takes place in the life of her child is important. Your life is even more important to God.

He will never forget about you!

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