Thursday, August 9, 2018

Prayers Sheep Pray #1

Hello Friends!
Welcome to Roy Lessin's blog, Meeting in the Meadow. I'm Marina Bromley, Roy's Assistant and Photographer in this ministry.
For the past year we have been diligently building a reference to this blog on Facebook. You can view our history here. We are hoping to create a new space for you here, starting with the series we began earlier this summer, Prayers Sheep Pray. There is more content on the Facebook page that we will not move here (much of it is time sensitive, and no longer applicable). Please bear with us as we schedule the posts in this series to catch up with where we are today.
We hope that you'll subscribe to receive these in your email inbox, and that you'll participate in commenting and encouraging each other on this blog! 

Grace and peace to you,
Marina, for Roy and the Meeting in the Meadow Team

Prayers Sheep Pray #1
- Roy Lessin

Your name is Lord.
You are in control…
When I try to be,
Things can quickly unravel.
Thank You for the security that comes
When I take things out of my hands
And place them into Yours.
You run things so well!

The LORD is my shepherd. Ps. 23:1

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